Wednesday, 22 May 2013

So Many, So Little

I haven't had the time to sit down and arrange my thoughts to be put on my blog. Too busy? Not really. I just have so many things to say. Too many events sailing in and out of my head. And so little motivation.

I hate it when ideas come flowing in while you're on the throne, or when you're chowing down that handsome burger or when you're in the middle of a butt-scorching meeting with your boss.The ideas just dissipate the moment you flush, burp and told that s(he) wants to jab you in the face all the way to Vegas for not executing the job accordingly.
 *The direct translation is "Aku nak tumbuk kau sampai Vegas." Metaphorically. So no worries.

Oh, and I left the lazy part out didn't I? Yep. I keep going on and on about not being motivated to do this or that... Damn man. Even I feel like jabbing myself in the face. That's just too many excuses for one puny matter.

So, anyway, people say that no matter how many truck-load of books you read, you still won't be able to be a great writer if you don't cough out your ideas in writing. It takes practice. And I need a lot of practice. And that sucks. Do you see the pattern here? I'm on the verge of another justification.

Well, it's 7.00am here in Kuala Lumpur, my car is still dead in the workshop, and I haven't showered yet.

Yeah, Helga. I'll tell you about that later. Probably when I'm not battling an army of evil chocolates that perennially breed and eat my candies!

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