Thursday, 25 October 2012

Me; The Bouncing Potato

I started mildly hyperventilating as soon as I drove into the car park. I prayed to God for 'coolness' and a tablespoon of confidence. (Really? Tablespoon? I'm pretty sure it was a big mixing bowl of confidence that I prayed for.)

The last thing I want is to act like a clutz.

I went straight to the restroom to check my hair.
And my teeth.
And my make-up.
...and my bum.
Well, you see, the back of my skirt of the dress I was wearing suddenly skimmed upwards. I knew it. The dress shrank! That darn detergent.

I said a little prayer as I walked towards the place. I swear to God, my heart popped out of my chest, made a loop-de-loop and bounced right back into my rib cage.

I arrived.

...and I saw sunshine.

We exchanged smiles, and said "Hi!"
No wait. I said "Hi!" and waved like a retarded bouncing potato. He just smiled back and did the hand gesture that celebrities do when a smitten fan waves frantically at them. You know that 'power-of-the-hand' partial-wave people do when you give them way on the road. Yes, that!
That partial-wave and awkward grin made my freaking day.


So uncool.
'So-very-the' we Malaysians love to say.

Damn. My armpits are wet.