Wednesday, 14 November 2012

When The Big Guy Listens...

A friend posted this on his Facebook page.

So profound.

Indeed, it's all [1:2].


"Someone dear to me once said that we should always try to use our God given talent to spread His word to the masses. Maybe through songs, through pictures that we take, through whatever it is that we can use since the age where anything's possible is here and there's a lot more we can do to be closer to Him.

Never had I thought it's possible, but I realized that I can use this as a tool of conveying messages of good throughout.

It can be referring to your own religion no matter what or who you believe, it doesn't matter. It's just my own take on this. If you feel the same towards your own, then at least we share something in common. To believe.

However, people will always take it either way because that's just who we are. We've been brought up a certain way where we have sets of belief system we keep lying around to save our own hide when things get rough, or when situations presents itself to challenge our very core.

No matter what, this is just a projection of what I feel now. A little bit closer. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you don't. It doesn't matter really. What matters is you never give up on hope or faith. Because the littlest of hope can be a start of a bigger achievement in your life and in everything you do.

A trigger to be better.


When times are hard, and the cold is just too much to bear,
You held on tight and You showed how much You cared,
I didn't see it, I didn't want to believe,
Even if it hits, Even if it wasn't brief.

I was alone, I felt left,
Lies was sown, Heart bereft,
But You were there, You didn't leave,
Through the nightmare, even through the rift.

I refused and I retaliated,
Situations diffused and events documented,
But You kept on track, You were always around,
Kept pulling me back, keeping me safe and sound.

At times I felt it, I sensed Your presence,
Refused it, Rejected the essence,
But You kept on going, You showed persistence,
Even what I was doing, displayed much resistance.

Now I see, now I understand,
You've set me free, You've changed this man,
Plenty more to go, plenty more to learn,
To reap what You've sowed, to believe and finally return."

A Little Prayer For You

Dear God,

The progress is beyond my expectations. :')

Thank you again for listening.

...and thank you for surrounding me with your best angels.


So much Love;