Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I've Been Tagged

Owh... Shitsfakskee... You dorky Saddiq...! :p


Nanti saya buat yaaa....

A Pocket full of Sunshine

I'm pretending to feel numb.
I'm pretending not to feel what I'm feeling right now.
Oho... I've got a PhD. in that sir!
I'm pretending that the euphoria tinkling inside me is non-existant.
I'm pretending nothing's wrong with my head and that little gremlin is not the cause of my messed up mind.
I say, "Nothing's up lah..." when they ask about the crooked, distorted smile smeared accross my face.
I put my goat grin on when nobody's looking.

I'm lovin' this.

I'm floating in mild delirium.