Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Coordinating With The Universe

"What things so ever you desire, when you pray, BELIEVE that you RECEIVE them, and you shall HAVE them."

-The Secrets-

Change 101

I keep reminding myself that u can NEVER change a person. So work around the situation.

Stick that into your head Maymay!!

Hehehe... 3am and I'm still wide awake.

Old Town White Coffee. I shudnt have taken it. Dang.

Friday, 1 June 2007

My Celeb Boob Twin... Geez...

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jennifer Aniston

You Are Most Like Tyra Banks

Totally smokin' with tons of attitude

OOOOoOOoOOoOOooh... I'm SeXy..!!

You Are 75% Sexy

Your Sex Appeal Is: Extremely High

You're very sexy. You just have that certain something that takes over a room.
You know how to attract, entice, and keep whoever you want. You are truly appealing.