Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I'm Back!

Hmmm... Let's see... I can't remember the last time I wrote in my blog. But it sure has been ages. I've shifted jobs again. Yes, again!! There's nothing to be surprised about, anyway. I managed to stay glued to CIMB Aviva for 2.5 years. Bravo! *clap clap* After the complaints and the ranting about how I don't fit in with numbers yada~ yada~ yada~ (Please note: It's not the company, it's me).

I landed on another insurance job - this time it has less numbers and more research. *yawn* Harharhar. Same difference.

Anyhoo... I finished my LP journey with AsiaWorks - finally! Standing proud - LP117. Hehehe... Huga huga huga! Trying to be barbaric. Right.

Oh oh oh! And did I mention that I moved out of my Bukit Indah apartment? Yes-sir-ee!! I did! Now I'm having a blast at my new crib - Pesona Villa, Kemensah. Yup, right behind the Zoo Negara. Just thought that I should stay nearer to my relatives. (Read: Munkees :p ) I miss them so dearly. *scratch scratch*
I'm staying with Kerri (a.k.a. Nurr - LOL!) and Olen. I love them to bits. Olen is like the disciplinarian.
"Please take out the trash!"
"When are you guys gonna clean the house?"
"Hello??? The dishes??"

She used to scare the titties outta me, but then I thought that it's great to have a roomie who's always reminding you to get the house in tip top condition.

Kerri on the other hand is somewhat like me. We live in La La Land.
Garbage? What garbage?

I'm kinda lovin' my life now. Well, OK, yeah, I do still think I should be doing Arts, and not crunching meaningless numbers. I'm getting there. Just wait and see. :)

Gosh, my tummy's upset. Gotta go!