Monday, 27 April 2009

It's Hard...

And it kicks so hard
it breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep
it hits your soul.
Tears your skin and
makes your blood flow.
It's better that you know,

That love is hard

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bunga Ohhh Bunga...

Hati ini berbunga-bunga.

Ada bunga tulip, bunga kertas, bunga balung ayam, bunga matahari yang saaaaaaangat cantik kembang di waktu pagi, dan juga bunga ros.

*kepala lentok ke kiri, senyum sendirian*

Go! Go! Go Chubby, Its Your Birthday!

Happy BESDAY Lenndie!!!
Yeah, I just called you chubs *grin*

Midnight Means... Pukul 2 kah?

Rashid: What time does Subak close?

Subak Manager: Midnite.

Rashid: Oh...what time?

Subak Manager: Aaaa... Midnite lah.

Rashid: Yeah, what time?

Huuuuu~ rasa nak nangis bila dia tanya manager tu... :P

Monday, 13 April 2009

My Insane Neighbours

Keri, Olen and me - we have a despicable neighbour. Just one particular family, which we failed to identify since our first day residing in Pesona Villa, Kemensah.

We mentally made peace with the next door girls for belting out horrid tunes every other Saturday mornings. I'm talking about Siti Norhaliza gone wrong! I personally LOVE karaoke, but having a set at home (read: high density apartment), is a huuuuge boo boo. Unless you're a sabateur from hell and you only live to torture every soul's eardrums, then by all means, get the complete set if you may!

We also succumbed to the upper floor yuppies' jamming session every now and then. Again, nothing wrong with playing loud music - but if its a score from Ekamatra, New Boyz or anything that barely made it to Juara Lagu Tahun 1980-an, puhleeeez, I'm on my knees here - flush it down the loo! Flush it! FLUSH IT I SAY!! You're committing a cardinal sin. Shame on you!

So, yes, that despicable neighbour of ours... We're wondering if they're even from planet Earth. It's a bummer that we don't know which unit they're staying in. We would've reported them to the authorities by now. Yes. Taddle-taler!

It's like tuning on to the Radio KL evening drama.

A Day In The Life of The Adams Family Gone Wrong:

Crazy Dad: Hoi! Apa masalah kau haa?? Ape yang bengap sangat nih? Aku dah kata jangan usik, JANGAN LAA USIK! (He has a unmanly voice, by the way)

Crazy Kid1: *screaming and throwing a fit*

Crazy Dad: Heeeeeee!!! Bodoh! Tak guna betul laa!!

Crazy Kid1: *still wailing like a mad banshee that didn't get enough, of, whatever*

Crazy Dad: *endless cursing*

*Keletang! Keletungg! Tingg!!* Playing frisbee with the pots and pans, perhaps, ey??

Crazy Kid2: *scream* Jangaaaaaan laaaaaaaa!!!! *racket racket racket*
(Crazy Kid 2 yelling at Crazy Kid 1)

Weeeheee... there goes the banshee again!

Intervention by Olen through the kitchen window:

Olen: Hoi!! Giler ke ape haa??? Psycho! (Haha! The girl's dark and goth, no?)

The Crazy Dad immediately stopped shouting, and switched to singing a Malay song.

*crickets crickets crickets*

The God Father of all retarded punks. Someone, please shoot him in the butt.