Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Peek-A-Booh 2009...

Breathe in... breathe out...

Say it with me... "WooOoOooOooohsssssaaaaaaah...."

2 days to 2009!! And another 5 freakin' months to the BIG FAT TWENTYYYYY SEVVVEEENNNN... Sssummmbody shoot me!

What have I accomplished so far?
Think hard Tots... think hard...

1) I've put on weight. Kenaikannya sama berat dengan sekampit beras Jasmine dowh... How how brown cow? Oh... mungkin tidak begitu KETARA bagi sesetengah pihak. Hehe...

2) I've changed jobs THRICE! Oh, sorry. Just twice. Thee hee hee...

3) I made peace with my last Ex. Yeah, I'm talking about YOU - Azhar "Mork" Ramly.

4) I managed to work out my nearly-decaying finances.

5) I drove to Port Dickson ON MY OWN. *clap clap*
Despite the torrent of mockery by my dear friends, I made it. WITHOUT the help of a GPS, mind you! Hah! Take that! :p

6) I went on 13 dates within 10 weeks (June - Aug). *wink wink*
None of them made it to the finals, anyway. Boo-hoo. OK. I'm picky. *rolling eyes*

7) I think this is the big one - I have my bunch of friends who I love to bits and bits and bits :) Couldn't have done it all without you guys! *hugs*

2008 was a good year. Still is... :) Got another 2 days left. We'll see if a miracle happens.

*huge grin*


Uncle Sarifuddin: Girl... You've pun on some weight... How many pounds?

Maylin: Aaaa... Hehehe... yeah... about 5kg (Crap. Crap. Crap.)

U.S.: I don't remember you being this berisi...

M: Hehehe... (And you think I do? :( Crap.)

Sunday, 14 December 2008



Rasa macam palaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.




I'm bloody heavy.

I think the scale has a grudge against me.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Papa and His New Sony E

Papa is THE expert for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and all those other multimedia software. His photography prowess leaves me in awe (extra marks if it was pORNography. Haha. Sick joke). Its amazing for a 53 year-old to create awesome designs with innumerous clicks and drags. Unfortunately, he's a huge slacker for handphones. I repeat; HUUUUUUUGE. For some reason, his synapses automatically malfunction at the touch of it.

On Raya Hajj, Mama gave him a new Sony Ericsson T-whatever, to replace his Nokia 1100.(Yepp, Papa uses a Nokia 1100. The basic of all basics.) He jumped for joy and celebrated the arrival of the new telecommunicator.
Cool. He loved it.

He spent the first 30 minutes 'unravelling' the mystery of the sim card slot.
In between, he accused my little sister Tasneem of causing the non-existant dent on the back of the handphone cover.
Inquiring a gazillion times about "How do I know if its still charging?"
After another 30 minutes... "Is it still charging??"
After 90 minutes... "Can I use it now??" He asked, like a kid who's dad just bought him a GI Joe figurine.

"Alamak... number semua orang hilang ke?" (Read: "Semua orang" refers to me, Mama, Tasneem, his boss and office ONLY).
"It's in the sim card laa Paa.."
"Hey, are you sure?"
"ENTAH laaa Paa... Tak sure laa... Why don't you go to the mobile store and ask..." I was more interested with my chipped toe nail.
"Huh? Alaaa... How now?"
"Papa! The numbers are saved IN YOUR SIM CARD."
"Ohh...!! Hahahahahaha! I knew that. Just testing you out..." He was still fumbling with the settings.
"Take my photo! Take my photo!" And he slumped beside Mama, and made his signature, distorted photo-face. I did as told.
"Then what...? Oh... Save it as wallpaper! Save, save, save." He laughed out loud, triumphantly.
"Isshh... Tasneem! Nak tekan which button nih?" he peered over his reading glasses.
Aaa... yup. The last time I checked - he's STILL my biological father.

"Eeeeh... Ya Allah... kampung nye laki aku nih..." Mama snorted.
"Sorry lah... tak kenal. Tak kenal!" Tasneem sprinkled on some more subtle cynicism.

No... You didn't really think that we would leave him in the dark, did you? We do love him to bits, despite the stone-age episodes he has with handphones.

* * * *

"Papa!!! Stop miss-calling me!!" I grunted.
"Hahahahahahahaaaa...!" he whistled gayly, and continued punching the buttons on his phone.

* * * *

"Azman! Awat laaa dengan hang nih?? Gatai sangat dah tangan tuh?? Dah takdak kerja kaa? Makin tua, makin tak betui..." Mama snapped, after rushing to her handphone, only to find out that her hubster was the imp behind the missed call.

Again, he successfully annoyed the crap out of my mum with the new gadget that she herself bought him.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Dear Santa... (2)

Dear Santa,

Righty-O! It's me again (the overgrown 26-year-old 'kid'). Some kid down the street told me that you don't read minds, so I need to be specific in my gift request. C'mon Saint Nick... Do I really have to be detailed about my Christmas gift? What if one of your elves reads this letter? (Yeah, YOU! The one with large ping-pong-ball eyes peering from behind Santa).

I know you know what I REALLY want for Christmas :)

I'll just give you some pointers, for you to remember...

1) It's funny... yup! It makes my sides burst. (u-huh.. 'It'.. hahaha!)
2) Its not all grown-up at times. Its dorky-ness is adorable. (I know... Can I be any more vague??)

Thanks a bunch Santa!!


p/s: A warm hug for Rudolph, and Mrs Clause for me :)

X = Big Kiss
x = Lil Kiss
O = Big Hug
o = Lil Hug