Friday, 24 October 2008

Butterflies... Go away...?

I'm 26++, and I still have those freakin' butterflies in my tummy. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I'll always be.

So, yep ladies and gents, here's another new episode of my kimputness. Hardyharharhar. You're gonna have to figure this one out yourself. Hah!

I hate it when some songs are just in sync with what you're going through. Oh, crap...

It's so cliche... But what the heck, huh? Embrace cliche! Embrace it!

He makes my heartbeat shoot to 400 per minute, hence the drenching armpits. Haha. Enough said. :P

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My Shtooooopid Advice

A dear friend of mine is head-over-heels , butt-over-boobs in love with a guy she has known for 15 years. The lovey-doveyness just happened recently (I think). My friend - let's name her... mmm... Halimah. Haha! You hear that friend? I'm naming you Halimah! :P

Halimah has been complaining about how the guy, which I shall name him as... Tajuddin.
Yes, Halimah has been complaining about how Tajuddin always gives her unexciting, dry and lame SMS replies. I reckon that Tajud has a few template of SMSes ready to use. Sometimes my instincts tell me that Tajud is not that really into her, but is just trying to be a gentleman. *snort* Men!

Then Raya came. Bye-bye template, helloooooowhh flirtatious affair! Halimah was soooo thrilled, her bra hook snapped open by itself! Well done Tajuddin, well done! Halimah went over the moon, around Jupiter, made a detour to Uranus and finally rested on cloud number nine.

Tajuddin punched the right buttons alright! He punched and punched and punched until he indirectly said, "Aidilfitri Special ends on Sunday... back to Normal Package on Monday!".
So back to Normal Package on Monday indeed. Template after template. Halimah was devastated. Then came the ceaseless curses - Babi. Boddo. Bangang. Lancheaow... and the list goes on.

Halimah as usual, grievingly told me what happened. Me being the good friend, threw in a few points. A few shtoooopid points.

I told her that she could still get her Special Offer by signing up as a member! Yeah, a member of the Tajud Club. You know how Jusco Card / Bonus Link works right? Accumulate points, then you get some free gift or whatchamacallit vouchers. It might work the same with Tajuddin. Sign-up with him (I dont know - maybe the signing up process is by zipping down your pants) then instantly start collecting points! (Points are in the form of making out, breast kneading, endless canoodling etc.) When a certain amount of points has been collected, by default (according to Bonus Link and Jusco Card) you'll get the Special gift/offer.


Haha. I know. Kick me!

Naaah... Halimah is a cherubic lady, no? :)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Happy Eidul Fitri!

Silly me! How can I have forgotten...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Maaf Zahir Batin!!


Saturday, 4 October 2008

I'm Malaysian

I might be occasionally ignorant, or just slightly oblivious of the current situation of the country that I live in - Malaysia. I used to hate politics, because of it's dirty and scummy schemes. I hated when people gather round to moot about it, and it pushes people to the brink of strangling each other to death, metaphorically. I would cringe and wince as people start to raise their voices, because as humans, we usually, always, want to be right.

I guess my view towards politics has changed slightly after being showered with questions by my Papa. He's an avid reader of Malaysian Today, and no doubt a HUUUUUUUGE fan of RPK. Heheh... I'm getting used to the abbreviation now. La la la~
Who else but our hero Raja Petra Kamarudin! So, yeah, I read the trails of No Holds Barred (and other stuff on MT), and pretty much got myself hooked to it.

It's funny how some of our leaders and Malays are downright selfish. Don't you ever wonder what goes on in their pea-size minds? "Hidup Melayu - pergi mampus lah yang lain?" Like, what the hell?? What is there in a race? Semua same je kan? OK. I'm a hippy. Make Love (literally?) and Not War. :)

There was once when I was in the elevator in Great Eastern mall, a Chinese lady looked at my name tag which has MAYLIN printed on it, smiled and asked, "Are you...? Chinese or Malay?" Puzzled with my so-called Chinese name and contradicting dark skin, but slanted eyes.

The elevator door opened. I gave her a wide grin, "I'm Malaysian", and walked out.

I know, so cheesy, but what the heck?