Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kau Bila?? (When's Your Turn??)

It is nothing but a norm when an Asian mother (particularly this one is Malaysian) asks her unmarried 3-decade-ish-year old daughter "Do you have a boyfriend?", "Does your boyfriend want to marry you?" and in times of desperation, due to peer pressure (read: office makciks, relatives, neighbours and probably the nosy old lady who owns the sundry shop down the street) might result in the issuance of a memorandum that reads "If the current one runs off due to any circumstances, please accept the next man who asks your hand in marriage. Failure to comply will result in an ARRANGED marriage. This is your last warning. Love; Queen Mother."

Yes, I know Queen Mother only has my best interests at heart. But which man on earth would wanna marry at gunpoint, so to speak? Zilch! Neither would I, if I were a dude! Don't make me ask him, and neither should any of you. 

"Don't you wanna get married and have kids?" they wonder. Over, and over, and over again.

Sigh. Well of course I do.

If only marriage was as easy as buying pumps at Charles & Keith, don't you think I would be wrestling with a bus-load of kids I call "my children" by now? And because raising a child costs an arm and a leg nowadays, I would probably depict the life of 'The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe', having so many children, I wouldn't know what to do. I feed them with broth, minus the bread, and whip them them all soundly, and scream "Go straight to bed!".

The old woman is missing a husband. I'm pretty sure he ran off, obviously not with the spoon, but he definitely made an exit. Or maybe, just maybe, for the sake of positive thinkers out there, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. His absence [in this nursery rhyme] is merely because he cashed in his chips. How sad.

Anyway, steering back on course, I'm in between complaining and making a moo-point here.
People, you've got to stop throwing me the "Bila lagi?" or "Kau bila?" questions. I know not the answers.

How about making doa for me, for a change? That will definitely render some answers to your calamitous questions. :)

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